Thunderbirds - Had a Lady Penelope doll! She had a black and white dog tooth suit on.

Gerry Anderson, creator of TV's ‘Thunderbirds,’ dead at 83

Thunderbird's characters Jeff Tracy and Lady Penelope. Loved watching The Thunderbirds when I was a kid.

Dinky * Lady Penelope Fab 1 Car Die-Cast196x

Dinky - Lady Penelope Fab 1 Car (Die-cast) - I used to have one:-(

The Making Of Thunderbirds The Documentary

Step into the twisted mind of Gerry Anderson, and see how he makes Thunderbirds.


Thunderbirds Are Go - Atlantic Inferno Awesome Movies! NOT recommended for people with no imagination.

Lady Penelope & Parker * Thunderbirds

Gerry Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds, Fireball XL5 and Captain Scarlet

The original 'Parker' from Thunderbirds will be back behind the wheel 50 years after the show first hit TV screens as the iconic programme returns for a new series.

Jeff Tracy

Jeff Tracy makes a toast in the episode "The Duchess Assignment"


Brains and Alan Tracy - Thunderbirds