Martin Parr  ITALY. Rimini. 1999.

(Martin Parr ITALY, Rimini, I love how both subjects are dressed in blue and how the background contrasts with what they're wearing.

The Last Resort, Martin Parr

The Last Resort, Martin Parr photos taken in Britain. The lady in this photo could easily be my mother and me the little kiddo in the middle.

martin parr

Westbay, 1996 Color photography © Copyright Martin Parr/Magnum PhotosCourtesy the artist and kamel mennour, Pari.

martin parr

This photograph taken by Martin Parr really shows off a lot. The use of an elderly lady sleeping and sunbathing on a hot day really works.

martin parr, ramsgate, 1986

Unseen images of Martin Parr’s everyday England

martin parr

"Most family photo albums are a form of propaganda, where the family looks perfect and everyone is smiling: we try to create fabrications about who we are. " the wonderful Martin Parr