Faith Comes by Hearing

Faith comes by hearing God speak in your heart, faith doesn't come by merely hearing someone preach, faith comes when God reveals his word in our heart, this is what truth is, it is not for the occasional blessing it is to be daily bread. Daily bread is the Fathers aim for each one. Truth revealed in the heart daily brings freedom to walk with God.
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How Humility Deepens Your Walk With God - Free Indeed

How Humility Deepens Your Walk With God

Humility actively recognizes God for who He truly is—your Creator, the Mighty One, the Savior, the Eternal King.

Printable bible coloring pages

FREE Books of the Bible Coloring Pages from Ministry to Children

{FREE} Bible Study Worksheets from Heart of Wisdom

{FREE} Bible Study Worksheets from Heart of Wisdom

Bible Character Worksheets, Bible Event Worksheet (free graphic organizers), and more on this site.

Colossians 3:12 Bible coloring page

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Come Quickly Lord JESUS

Our lives have accountability. Matthew For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what they have done.

A Scripture passage for every month: January - Psa 34:10. February - Psa 73:26. March - Heb 4:16. April - Num 23:19. May - Jn 14:27. June - Jer 33:3. July - Jer 1:5. August - Prov 18:21. September - Deut 28:8. October - 2 Tim 1:7. November - Isa 41:10. December - Jer 29:11.

Scripture Calendar - Love this idea! If anything you'll memorize 12 verses each year. Could add a numbered blank list on each page to write things you were thankful for that day (fill up the whole month)