The Flower Fairytale In Spello, Italy.

Red Beach - Panjin, China The Red Beachin the Liahoe River Delta, China. 30 km Sw of Panjin City, China. The red is from seaweed. It turns this color in Autumn Only a small section open to tourists.

Textile Design - Small Pink & Green, ca. 1938 Framed (ref: Textile Design - "Small Pink & Green", 8 x 8 in

Raddest Men's Fashion

Effortless & urban look for weekends, liking suede right now, as it's a nice look with ankle to higher boots, but not a Miami kinda style but definitely mine.

Eidos Spring/Summer 2016 Collection


look this cool in red chambray, denim & desert boots. Jeans, shirt color and shoes

Handsome Selection of Bow Ties, Men's Fall Winter Fashion. Bow ties are... well, you know.

I think everyone needs a bow tie collection this extensive! Patterns on solids and patterns and illustrations. Give me a bow tie pattern mix and I'm smitten.