David Chipperfield | Private house in Kensington, London

David Chipperfield Architects – Private House Kensington I want a swimming pool like this in my house.


Morchiuso (CO), Italia Casa a Morchiuso Marco Castelletti, Patrizia Viganò - you could also do a roofing type pattern that repeats in 5

The scaly louvers facade on boathouse, in Brighton [371] | filt3rs

2014 AIA Institute Honor Awards for Architecture,Community Rowing Boathouse / Anmahian Winton Architects © Mike Champion

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METLA Forest Research Centre facade details - Hľadať Googlom

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Image 5 of 16 from gallery of Sonoma Residence / Cooper Joseph Studio. Photograph by Elliott Kaufman

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The project deals with the Refurbishment of the West Tower of the Huesca City Hall in order to turn it into City Archives. Due to its position and volume, the Archives round off the set of buildings that make up the Huesca City Hall which gives the.

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