Atmospheric artwork with a peaceful vibe

Landscape paintings inspired by nature to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. Colourful paintings from old portrait photographs for your home decor,
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the story of a painting capturing memories with paint by glidd draw co uk
Atmospheric landscape painting
An atmospheric landscape painting with swimming figures in warm, spice colours
an abstract painting of water lilies and rocks
Waterlillies create a calming atmosphere to your room
Colourful contemporary paintings featuring water lilles create a calming atmosphere to your home.
colourful paintings of waterlillies Art, Home Décor, Contemporary Artwork, Calm
Waterlilies as a theme creating a calm living space
Colourful atmospheric contemporary artwork with waterlillies as a theme creating a beautifully calm atmosphere to your home with colour and stillness.
a painting hanging on the wall next to two cups and a teapot in front of it
Waterlily paintings that bring the delight of a garden into your home
Inspired by a beautiful waterlily pond this acrylic painting will bring a peaceful and lush atmosphere into your home
Inspiration ideas for painting projects taken from a vintage photo album
Difficulty: Medium Inspiring ideas for an art project from a vintage photo album using acrylic paint. Here's what I used • Vintage photos • Wooden block or paper • Acrylic paint • Golden clear levelling gel
an oil painting of lily pads and water lillies
Contemporary landscape with waterlilies by Gill Drew
a painting hanging on the wall above a bench
Gill Drew Artist on Instagram: "What a delight to apply varnish when a painting is complete. I’m enjoying all the layers of colour in this one!"
the cover of gathering ideas for a sketchbook this summer with mark - making photos and words
Gathering ideas for a sketchbook this summer - Gill Drew
Ideas for how to use photography, mark-making and journalling to build sketchbook ideas
Step by step process to use old photos as inspiration for paintings
Difficulty: Medium Stirred by old family photos and wanting to paint the feeling of nostalgia and beauty I see. I first lay down a coloured underpainting in acrylic paint. I had considered my colour palette choices before I started. • Old family photos • Paper or canvas • Acrylic or oil paints • Brushes
a book cover with the title'journey of a portrait capturing memories with paint '
Step by step photos and the inspiration behind a portrait painting.
Finishing touches
Now it’s available as a giclee print. Full of warmth with burnt orange, turquoise and magenta. Reax and unwind, let yourself experience a weightlessness as you let go of heavy burdens and enjoy a sense of peace. “In a peaceful melody “ is definitely a painting that has come from my heart.
a book cover with the title'journey of a portrait capturing memories with paint '
Portrait Painting step by step
Difficulty: Medium Hardwood panel • acrylic paint • brush • palette knife
Ideas for starting a new painting
Difficulty: Easy How to find abstract colours for a landscape or figurative painting. Working from old photos or more recent images and exploring possible colour combinations on paper. Working out tonal values from an image to start a painting. • Acrylic and/or oil paints • cartridge paper • Brushes