Trees as inspiration for the artist

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an oil painting of trees and plants in the woods
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an abstract painting with trees in the background
Mystical Threshold-Abstract Landscape
a drawing of a tree with lots of leaves on it's trunk and bark
‘The Trunk of a Birch Tree‘, John Dawson Watson | Tate
an area with green moss growing on the ground and trees in the backgroud
Mt. Floien, Bergen, Norway
a mossy forest with trees and ferns
'Imagination will take you Everywhere'
a painting of a person walking in the woods with trees and grass on either side
Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Peña | Artnet | Page 14
Woman walking in the Fontainebleau forest, 1850
a painting is hanging on the wall next to a stair case in an empty room
Portfolio - Gill Drew Artist
Portfolio | Gill Drew
a painting of a tree with green leaves
Door County - Tree
Under the Canopy © Dawn Eaton
a painting of a large white tree in the desert
Dead Cottonwood Tree