Using colour to create atmospheric landscapes

Artwork inspired by the landscape. Abstract landscapes. Artwork inspired by my surroundings. Using colour to create mood and atmoaphere
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Ian McDonald - Paddy's Hole, South Gare, Redcar
George Shaw

My surroundings

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an abstract painting of blue, green and pink clouds over the ocean at night time
Home - Pinkfoot Gallery
Echoes of dawn | Peter Wileman
an abstract painting with green, purple and yellow colors in the background is a swampy area
Painter's Process - Randall David Tipton
#27 Randall David Tipton - Across the Canal (oil on Yupo)
a painting of mountains with trees and hills in the background, painted by children using acrylic paint on paper
Watercolors by Robin Purcell – Suluboya Coşkusu !
Robin Purcell images | Robin Purcell ‘den harika ve çok zarif sul boya resimler ...
an impressionist painting of a tree in the middle of a body of water with a bridge and buildings in the background
Boaters, 3 - painting by Lisa Breslow
an oil painting of trees and bushes in the fog
River Thoughts
Painter's Process - Randall David Tipton: River Thoughts oil on panel 26x24
an abstract painting with trees and water in the background
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an abstract painting of water and land at sunset
Official Website of Peter Wileman - Artist | CONTEMPORARY
an abstract painting with brown, blue and white colors
Joan Fullerton Paintings
an abstract painting of a castle on top of a hill
Current Works — Anita Reynolds
an abstract painting with blue and brown colors
Official Website of Peter Wileman - Artist
an abstract painting with lots of different colors
Figure walking up into a field of thistledown painted in acrylic on cradle panel. Highlights, Nature, Contemporary Artwork, Giclee Print, Artwork
Colourful nature landscape with flowing grasses, figure walking the dog
Landscape giclee print with figure, from original painting, mark making and visual texture, capturing the light using acrylic paint, splashes of orange and turquoise by Gill Drew