Warm colour palette inspiration for a painting

Taking inspiration from warm spice colours for creating artwork
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four different paintings are shown together on the wall
Gill Drew Artist on Instagram: ""Artistic Escapes: Your Summertime Palette" Some warm and spicey colours to add to your home - new prints available along with studio news…"
Finishing touches
Now it’s available as a giclee print. Full of warmth with burnt orange, turquoise and magenta. Reax and unwind, let yourself experience a weightlessness as you let go of heavy burdens and enjoy a sense of peace. “In a peaceful melody “ is definitely a painting that has come from my heart.
Ideas for starting a new painting
Difficulty: Easy How to find abstract colours for a landscape or figurative painting. Working from old photos or more recent images and exploring possible colour combinations on paper. Working out tonal values from an image to start a painting. • Acrylic and/or oil paints • cartridge paper • Brushes
Masala Tea Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal Incredible India, Canada, Travel, Trips, Voyage, Asia, Resort, Tea Culture
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Masala Tea Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal
several hands with different colored powder on them
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an outdoor market with many different types of food and umbrellas on the side of it
India in 13 days for independent travellers
arket, Udaipur, India...
many people are standing around piles of corn
Blumenmarkt Kalkutta wurde in Indien, Kalkutta aufgenommen (flower market in Calcutta). Marigolds are important in Indian ceremonies.
several people are sitting on the ground surrounded by baskets and vegetables
Casa Jacaranda (@CasaJacarandaMX) / Twitter
an overhead view of people working on baskets of vegetables at a street vendor's stall
'Trade' - The earliest form of commerce. And in this case, Sichuan food in…
dried flowers in a wooden scoop on a table
A Healing Herbal Bath Tea {With No Messy Clean Up}
many bowls filled with different types of spices and herbs on top of a wooden table
spoons filled with spices sit next to each other on a dark surface, surrounded by cinnamon sticks and star anisets