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an image of a man and woman looking at each other's eyes in front of a mirror
Please Don't Go by Shane Wheatcroft
Collage on Panel / Board / MDF, Subject: People and portraits, Collage style, One of a kind artwork, Signed on the front, Framed and ready to hang, Size: 10.94 x 12.99 x 1.18 in (framed) / 9.69 x 11.73 x 0.12 in (unframed) / 6.93 x 8.98 in (actual image size), Materials: Vintage collage, mount board
a woman holding up her hands and looking at the camera with many different objects in front of her face
Marnie Harris by Damien Blottière for Vogue Gioiello September 2013
a man with painted face and body standing in front of a flowered painting on the wall
Inflorescence - Fucking Young!
an artistic painting of a man with his face painted red, white and blue in the background
Inflorescence - Fucking Young!
many different pieces of art are arranged on the table top, including squares and rectangles
Collage clusters from the 100 day project 2022!
I used to feel like I was failing because I couldn’t stick with one thing for any extended period. What I have learned now, is those interests always come back around. I just need to be patient and wait for them to reappear in the loop. Create mixed media collage clusters with BB Henry Art
four pieces of art with different colors and designs on them, each one has been altered to
Nancy Bell Scott
GALLERY-POSTS | Nancy Bell Scott | COLLAGE: PaPeR + PaInT + InK
altered collages with music notes and words
3-scrap collages, February 2018
four different pieces of art with words and pictures on them, all in different colors
3-scrap collages, July 2018