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Students will research cinder cone, shield, and composite volcanoes and then report their findings by constructing a circlebook that features what they learned. Another hands-on activity by GravoisFare!

Students will erupt with excitement when they work on this fun and flashy circlebook activity! Ten mix-n-match templates feature ready-to-color illustrations of a Cinder Cone, a Composite Cone, and a Shield Volcano, complete with keys.

These fun and easy Halloween crafts are the perfect decor for your home in October. The kids can hop in and help with these fun and easy craft ideas. Make wreaths, welcome mats, carved pumpkins and other fun decor to bring the Halloween spirit to your home!

This spectacular paper tree makes the perfect display for hanging treat bags or the best backdrop to a fun DIY photo station at a Halloween-theme party. Make the Halloween craft:

Ooooh more tree ideas.  My Y3 & Y4s thoroughly enjoyed this project and got caught up in the idea of a tree full of thoughts about 'Who they are' or 'What makes me ME'.  I suggested the roots of the tree should be a theme for the tree (Mine read Good Things), the centre should show the 'heart' of the person (mine read ART) and the branches contained words I use to encourage my students and praise their work.

This is going to be our Fall tree! I really like this as an art project idea for kids. Have them cut out leaves from different paper/magazines and have them find words that fit a theme for some of the leaves