Gill Vigus

Gill Vigus

South England / Social media specialist. Enables others towards self empowerment and being the best that they can be.
Gill Vigus
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Including cactus leaf in your diet may boost your antioxidant levels. Cactus leaf offers potential anti-cancer benefits & also shows robust anti-inflammatory activity that help prevent cell damage. Combined with exercise it improves insulin sensitivity &

Rosemary and your memory

Rosemary has long been believed to have memory-enhancing properties. It contains a diterpine that has neuroprotective properties that may protect against Alzheimer's disease as well as the normal memory loss that happens with aging. Remarkably, even the s

Bay Leaf Tree

Laurus nobilis plants are the source of culinary bay, a handsome tree that grows throughout the Mediterranean. This herb has a flavor and aroma that is mildly spicy and warm, and seems to pull othe…