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Reboot Infographic. Watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, then you'll understand Reboot

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Meadow the unicorn from LGC Knitting & Crochet issue 70

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Raw Till 4 Day One Cooked Dinner - Raw Till 4

The Raw Till 4 Diet Plan consists of high carb, low fat, low protein meal plans. It's really quite flexible, but here you'll find some of the Raw Till 4 principles.

Post this downloadable Raw Till 4 principles and post on your fridge

This link will take you to the Raw Till 4 website. This way of living promotes eating raw fruits and vegetables and ZERO animal products. While it is not primarily a weight loss diet, it will definitely make you drop weight very quickly.

Simple Vegan Brownies | minimalist baker recipes

Simple vegan brownies made with just 6 ingredients and high quality cocoa powder.