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Casa Simples — slightlyignorant: I want tree-shelves in my...

Kitaplik [ "Love this book tree shelf", "i want a tree-shelf book case!", "Love this corner shelf idea, so cozy. Boekenkast of gewone kast van boomstam

Who knew weeds were good for something? | Check out these 10 weeds and their healing properties #SurvivalLife

Schmidlin Young: Maybe you have more useful weeds in your yard? :-) 10 common weeds that you find in your yard and how they can heal sicknesses, burns, sores and other ailments.

The Survival Rule of Three Infographic by Survival at Home. We usually say the rule of 5s but same concept.

The Survival Rule of Three Infographic by Survival at Home. We usually say the rule of but same concept.

Everyone Needs A Survival Medical Kit. It will not matter where you are or what you are doing when misadventure strikes. If you are not prepared to manage a health emergency when it happens, things will get serious quickly.

do you have your zombie apocalypse bug out bag (B.) ready waiting for an emergency left at the door. if not you better get ready

Those with the best chance of survival are the ones with survival skills. For example, finding and purifying water or erecting shelters in any climate.

Below are 13 of the most essential survival skills. Whether you’re just starting out as a survivalist or you’re a seasoned prepper, the importance of these 13 skills will never waver.

The limits of a human body #premed

Limits of humans. i swear i'm not a serial killer i'm just a writer. <-- isn't that basically the same thing. Pinning this for the info AND the comments^^ I'm not a serial killer, I'm a forensic scientist

A Guide to Urban Foraging: Plants to Look For

Urban Foraging: The Ultimate in Local Eating Visit Website For Free Report! 8 Prepper Basics Crucial For Survival No Matter Who You Are!