ANNETTE MESSAGER (NEE EN 1943).   Mes voeux,   crayons de couleurs sur papier, acrylique sur photographies noir et blanc sous verre, ficelles 312 x 114 cm.  Réalisé entre 1988 et 1990.

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Annette Messager - 'Anonymes'.

Polly Morgan, "To Every Seed His Own Body" Polly Morgan, "Still Life After Death (Rabbit)" Annette Messager, "Anonymes" some good stuf.

Annette Messager

Mes Trophees (My Trophies) (detail) Eux et nous, nous et eux (Them and us, us and them) 2000 Annette Messager : The Messengers p.

A wonderful work by Messager.    Enjoy the interview with Messager here:

AVSM: Because anything this French artist did after "Les Repos des Pensionnaires" in warrants our attention.

Annette Messagers retrospective at the Hayward Gallery, London

In pictures: Annette Messager's art of magic

Ghosts Of The Great Highway: Epic Proportions. The Artwork Of Annette Messager.

“Being an artist means forever healing your own wounds and at the same time endlessly exposing them.” Annette Messager

Can I Borrow Your Fire?: A New Feminism: Annette Messager, Artist/Messenger

Annette Messager - Le repos des pensionnaires, 1971. Installation of taxidermy sparrows in knitted jumpers!

Annette Messager - Le repos des pensionnaires, Installation of taxidermy sparrows in knitted jumpers! She had a bitchin' show in NYC Where did she go?

Stuffed with Identity by Annette Messager

BOMB Magazine - Annette Messager "Mes Trophees," mixed media with photograph, two panels