How to create a secret garden in your garden
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there are many pieces of wood in the yard that is made out of tree trunks
Chelsea Flower Show 2010: 10 Bunny Guinness picks from garden designs
Chelsea Flower Show, 2010. Modern take on a stumpery.
a group of tree stumps that have been cut down and planted in the ground
Talkback: Making a stumpery — BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
some logs are sitting in the middle of green plants
Stumpery for insects... stock photo by Clive Nichols, Image: 0059014
Stumpery, maybe some lanturns with candles on them? #fairygarden #children
an old iron fence with vines and flowers around it
crumpled envelope...
I never saw this, but I have seen it a million times. Because it's lodged in our memories for some reason. Just an old fence. Simple gate. And the decorative knobs on the gateposts are great country art accents.
an iron gate in the middle of a garden
Wrought iron arched ... stock photo by Lee Avison, Image: 0337264
Wrought iron arched garden gate in a red brick wall with stone flagged path leading to seperate garden rooms
an old wooden gate with a bird design on the top and bottom, in front of a fence
movie night
rustic gate
a fire pit in the middle of a grassy area with lights strung from trees and benches
Access Denied | Dave Watts
Festoons & Fire Pit
an outdoor dining area is lit up with candles and lanterns in the evening time, surrounded by greenery
a ribbon at a time
What a lovely idea. Build a simple arbor under the branches of a large tree, put down some stone or pavers, then add a few lanterns and a bistro talbe and voila! Instant garden room.
a blue bench sitting under a tree with colorful pillows on it's back end
Creative Handmade Garden Decorations, 20 Recycling Ideas for Backyard Decorating
bench with decorative pillows - original photo from the cover of a Russian magazine
a white bench sitting in the middle of a lush green forest filled with purple flowers
Everything Beautiful
garden bench - they used to have a garden bench just by their front door & she would often be sitting there when we arrived to visit.