Activities with Rainbows

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a glass jar with writing on it next to a marker
Simple winter science experiment. How much water is in snow?
several spoons are lined up on a snow covered bench in the middle of winter
Playing with Coloured Ice Cubes in the Snow - Happy Hooligans
Bring on winter! Watercolours, coloured ice, scoops and spoons, droppers....
a jar filled with rainbow colored liquid sitting on top of a table next to a window
Rainbow Jar
Science for kids, kids science, rainbow jar, make a rainbow in a jar
flowers and leaves are placed on the sidewalk in different shades of blue, green, pink, yellow
Outdoor learning color matching game
Great ideas for learning about colors. Love outdoor learning ideas for kids!
four red, white and blue straw rockets on a gray background with the words straw rockets written above them
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How to Make Straw Rockets.
simple activity - occupy the kids for hours with straws q tips and cups Toddler Activities, Diy, Summer Fun, Indoor Fun, Indoor Activities, Toddler Fun
Q-Tip Blow Dart Game
simple activity - occupy the kids for hours with straws q tips and cups
an origami box with monkey on the front and back side, cut out
Rainbow Money box. Insert into a word doc and drag to make smaller or larger. Created by Tigi Higgins
two stuffed animals in a blue bucket on a wooden table next to a blue wall
No sew hobby horse
an open box with the image of women's soccer team in red and blue
Cupcake box for Rainbows - by Tigi Higgins
an open box with pictures of people in it and the words pyramid box on top
Pyramid box for Rainbows - by Tigi Higgins
a paper cloud with the word teresa written on it and colored strips attached to it
Namebows and an Easy Pattern Freebie
Namebows. Activity for building self-esteem.
BSL Rainbow Promise British Sign Language Special Education, British, British Sign Language, English Sign Language, Promise, Girl Scout Promise
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BSL Rainbow Promise British Sign Language
a children's book with the title pirate girl
Life and style | The Guardian
Books about strong girls