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the words 10 campfire games for the whole family are in gold on a blue background
10 Fun Campfire Games for a Family Camping Trip
10 family campfire games ~~ Glow Stick Ring Toss, Glow in the Dark Bubbles, Flashlight Tag, Charades, Ladder Ball, Tape Ball, Scavenger Hunt, I Spy Nature Style, Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest, Stargazer Stories
a quote that says, and at the end of the day your feet should be dirty
My philosophy exactly. Who says a girl should still look perfect by the end of the day? You can't have adventures without getting messy :)
two magnifying glasses sitting on top of a metal bowl over a fire pit
Outdoor Cooking in the Woods. Forest School & Blaeberry Bash.
Campfire Popcorn with Sieves
four different pictures with the words suncatchers from nature on them, including paper plates and flowers
Craft a Pretty Nature Collage Suncatcher for Toddlers
After a nature scavenger hunt, turn the nature objects into a pretty suncatcher for the window!
a person is holding a piece of food in their hands while standing on the grass
Pocket Pizza - Campfire Pizzas
Campfire pizza pockets
there are some meats on skewers over the fire
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Cool idea for cooking bacon when out camping
a bottle of baby lotion sitting on top of a piece of paper next to a toothbrush
The "Why do we need sunscreen?" Experiment
The why do we need sunscreen experiment.
Paper-bag breakfast recipe
Paper-bag breakfast recipe for kids
Paper-bag breakfast recipe
a cup that is on top of a table with fire in the middle of it
How To Make Green Flames
How to Colour Fire
a wooden frame holding several different types of memos on it's sides, with the word menu written above them
The Creating Mama - Every Day Living With a Touch of Creativity
Would work well as a duties board for camps / holidays
the camping adventure worksheet for kids to practice reading and writing their own words
Fill in the Blanks Story: Camping | Worksheet |
Worksheets: Fill in the Blanks Story: Camping
several pieces of colored paper hanging from a string -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspldscraftideas Resources and Information.
Camp Certification Punch Cards idea
a close up of a rope with a metal buckle on it and grass in the background
How to Make a Pull Tab Guy-Line Tensioner - Preparing for shtf
How to Make a Pull Tab Guy-Line Tensioner