Games for Rainbows

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a person holding a coin in their left hand on top of a wooden table,
Large Group Game Idea: Heads or Tails | Jesse Joyner
This is probably the easiest large group game ever invented. If you can…
a basket filled with lots of different colored pillows next to a pillow on top of a wooden floor
We're C-C-C-Crazy for Beanbags!
How to make bean bags and games to play with them.
two young boys playing with colored chalk circles on the sidewalk in front of a house
Choose a colour and then jump in only that colour as you make it to the other side.
the hallway is decorated with paper cutouts on the floor, and there are stairs leading up to the front door
Escape the Volcano Shape Game
Printable giant shape board game with an action for each space you land on
some red white and blue frisbees sitting in the grass
Make a Bean Bag Toss Game | Chica and Jo
Bean bag toss
a group of young people sitting on the floor in a room with tables and chairs
Rainbow Guide Resources
Lots of Rainbow games ideas
two dices with words on them that say happy and mouse
Emotional Animals Game
Dice with emotions & animals--kids have to act them out.
an ice block with flowers and two small figurines in it
Batman Birthday Party
Save the super heroes by melting the ice with water guns
a white bowl filled with red fruit on top of a table
A Tactile Matching Game
Tactile matching game. Balloons filled with rice, flour, sugar, small pearl tapioca, lentils, quinoa and pumpkin seeds. Each balloon has a match, and children have to find it.
two pictures one with yarn and the other with crochet hooks hanging from a tree
Birthday Installation: Yarn Trail
Rainbow treasure hunt! with a pot of gold at the end...