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a poster with the words resolving conflict written in different languages, including one that is
Positive Behaviour Management Charts - Buy them or get your students to make them in a cooperative group activity.
what i would like to do at brownies worksheet with pictures on it
A copy of the document i've made to help Brownies make decisions on what they'd like to do, in a structured way!
a glass jar filled with lots of tags
Light 'em up - random act of kindness for the day
When a child is unfriendly, they have to pick a random act of kindness. This is a great tool for redirection instead of disciplining. Going to adapt it for secondary school.
four circles with words that spell out the name of each circle, and an image of two
My Place in Guiding
My place in guiding Easy way to teach the girls that brownies is bigger than just our unit
many different colored beads are on the ground
Key to Brownies: Getting to know you with a beaded bracelet
Each girl gets a pipe cleaner with one color of beads. Then they all have to introduce themselves to everyone to get the other colors. Twists into bracelet.
an old black and white photo of football players
Spell out 'thank you' (or happy christmas etc) with your unit and use as cards. Check photo permissions first!
four paper tags with words on them that say my house, my guy, my store, my country, my continent and my planet
Variation, Unit, District, Div, County Region Country, WAGGGS region, Planet
a wooden sign with words written on it and a cartoon gorilla sitting on top of it
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GROUPS poster - how to behave when working in a group.
a woman wearing a blue shirt and black jacket
Key to Brownies: Brown Owl’s Rules
Key to Brownies: Brown Owl's Rules - Great game for beginning of the Brownie year.
Great poster Sayings, Motivation, Nice, Inspiration, Inspirational Quotes, Kindness Quotes, Inspirational Quotes For Kids, Kindness, Classroom Quotes
Great poster
a poster with words written on it and a cartoon sun above the word's caption
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Beginning of the year
there is a sign that says field trip on the counter next to a camera and other items
Helpful Hints on Hump Day {Field Trip Style}
Instead of giving parents/helpers a list of students during field trips, give them a lanyard! Add: Mobile phone numbers and schedule for the day.