Bill Brandt The rule of thirds in this photograph makes the image look very interesting. All three sections of the image show a great deal of texture, highlighted by the black and white effect.

Bill Brandt // Ear on the Beach, 1957 // Seaford, East Sussex Coast, UK

Francis Bacon by Bill Brandt, 1963

Bill Brandt Francis Bacon, 1963 Bill Brandt Home Page

Unbearable Lightness VS The Heaviest Burden Bill Brant

Nude London, 1952 By Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt: Self-Portrait with Mirror, East Sussex Coast, 1966.

Bill Brandt - German-British photographer and photojournalist. Self-Portrait with Mirror, East Sussex Coast, 1966

Halifax, The Snicket. Photo by Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt - Halifax, The Snicket

"Policeman in a Bermondsey Alley" - London - 1938 - photographer Bill Brandt.

Policeman in an alley Bermondsey. Here he used the 'day for night' technique employed by cinematographers to transform images photographed in daylight into night scenes.

Parlormaid and Under-Parlormaid Waiting to Serve Dinner, London, 1939, photo by Bill Brandt (British).

Bill Brandt: Parlourmaid and under-parlourmaid ready to serve dinner, 1936

David Hockney

David Hockney

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I love how the light hits each cobblestone and how foreboding the sillouhete of the house looks #U4APSA

The famous Bill Brandt Halifax 'Snicket' 1937 2009

Bill Brandt  London, circa 1937  From The Photography of Bill Brandt

luzfosca: Bill Brandt,London, 1937 From The Photography of Bill Brandt

nude, baie des anges, france, october 1959 | foto: bill brandt

Nude, Baie des Anges, France, 1959 by Bill Brandt


aumshinrikyo: Photo by Bill Brandt From book “Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light”

Bill Brandt, France, 1957

Bill Brandt, Taxo d’Aval, France, 1957

Georges Braque, by Bill Brandt, 1960

by Bill Brandt, Georges Braque, 1960

Bill Brandt - Inspiration from Masters of Photography

luzfosca: “ Bill Brandt Misty evening in Sheffield, 1937 From here ”

© Bill Brandt Bill Brandt Childhood (1903-1983) were in the First World War. His mother was German, his father an Englishman. Abandoning German roots, Bill Brandt life claimed that he was born and grew up in south London. Almost immediately after the war, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and he had to spend his youth in sanatoriums Davos in Switzerland, like the characters of the novel by Thomas Mann,

One of my favourite and inspiration Photographers- BILL BRANDT Grand Union canal, Paddington branch, Bill Brandt These buildings still exist and are on the Harrow Road.

Bill Brandt - Woman at the Window

Bill Brandt - Woman at the Window, Vienna, 1933

Bill Brandt

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