mosaic floor

patio ~ walkway Idea using or patio blocks & pebbles-rocks in between the pre-made blocks. Lots of creative ways to make this your own walk way-garden path

Love the addition of an interesting floor pattern for the hallway. Can be overwhelming for a room but perfect for small spaces like the hallway

Repurposed wood chevron floor

Repurposed wood chevron floor This may be the ONLY use of the chevron pattern I've ever liked.

blue Portuguese tiles

Portuguese traditional decorative hand painted ceramic tiles azulejos / Portugal Tiles for sale from Portuguese Tiles - Bicesse Tiles - Hand painted tiles

Wooden parquet PENTHA - @ideeparquet

Extensive range of solid and engineered wood parquet flooring in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London. Parquet flooring delivery within the mainland UK.

Sintra Antique Handpainted, Portuguese, Tiles - A1-Portuguese tiles - 149-Madeira 4 tile

Sintra Antique Handpainted, Portuguese, Tiles – tiles – 4 tile Sintra Antique Handpainted, Portuguese, Tiles – tiles – 4 tile was last modified: January

carreaux ciment

~Pretty antique ceramic French floor with triple borders - The Antique Floor Company

Azulejos Portugueses

Chap 11 - Azulejos: earthenware tiles that were imported to Spain by the Moors, used on walls and interior surfaces Azulejos Portugueses

"Tapis" carreaux de ciment - La touche d'Agathe - Sols et murs - sols, floor, wall, concrete, béton, painting, peinture, paint, wallpaper, papier peint, tapisserie, parquet, wood, carrelage, tiles, carreaux, ciment, flooring, mosaïque, briques, patterns, motifs,

Here's a great way to update those wood floors in the kitchen! A rug cut into the wood floor!