They're not Lifesavers, they're Navy candies - birds of a feather for sure!

There's not Lifesavers, they're Navy candies - birds of a feather for sure! :) is it just me or do a lot of these ads have a sexual connotation?


Old school stereo Dad had one.remember when all this was necessary?

Very 1970's                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Ferguson Television Set, 1969 ~ [and look at those ugly vintage curtains.

No wheelie bins in those days !

I remember the bin men coming down the path to our back garden and heaving that heavy metal bin onto their shoulder and taking it out to the truck. Incredible when you think about it now and something you most definitely took for granted back then.

Walls ice cream 1960s

Wall's ice cream sign - Memories of summer holidays in the UK and ice cream from the corner shop.

It's good to be happy... remember when the sound of an ice cream truck could send you into a conniption fit of euphoria?

summer traditions

The ice cream man. Hear that jingly music of the truck coming slowly down the street and all the kids would run out to greet the ice cream man.


Mum used to buy this to clean the stainless steel kitchen sink as well as the porcelain bath and bathroom sink. It took the shine away as well as the dirt. It also tended to clump in the cardboard tube which got damp over time.

old medicinal cannabis. Something that should have never been made illegal (cannabis) infused with an incredible amount of alcohol. (74 percent)

old medicinal cannabis. I have an old tin (empty now) of Asthma medicine that from the smell of what was inside made me think it had more than a hint of weed in it. According to the instructions you were to ignite the powder and inhale the vapor.

Cadbury Vending machines.

Cadbury vending machines at the train station.the absolutely best chocolate. Cadburys Fruit and nut

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Previous pinner says:!Top of the Pops albums. These albums, often sold for in Woolworths, contained all the chart hits, but performed by Butlins cabaret bands, who were paid with beer and crisps.