Ford Escort RS1600 Rally (1970). This iconic car was originally a factory press demonstrator. It was converted to a very successful historic race car before being meticulously rebuilt to FIA Group 2 tarmac rally specification with a 2.0 litre Alan Sherwood BDA, Brian Wileman ZF box, ZF LSD and fully floating Atlas. Shell authenticated by the RS1600 Registrar. Maintained and run to the highest standards by Motorscope, with all major components lifed.

Used 1970 Rally Cars Rally Cars for sale in Chester from Cheshire Classic Cars.

Lancia Rally 037 #cars #vintage

Lancia Rally 037 triggers my ocd a bit but otherwise its really cool!

Lancia Stratos Gruppo 4 ‘1972–75 rally car A classic rally car

definemotorsports: “ Lancia Stratos Gruppo 4 The most awesome rally car ever made.

Ford Escort Mk1......eeeek! Obviously not a VW, but tooooo cooooool not to pin so it had to go somewhere!!

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Lancia Delta Integrale rally car - Group A

Childhood memories - the legendary Lancia Delta HF Evo in Martini branding.

Audi Sport Quattro S1 - Only the best group B rally car ever...

Audi Sport Quattro S1 - (SILODROME)

Climbing behind the wheel of an Audi Sport Quattro is one of those things I just have to do, preferably.Audi Sport Quattro "Group B" class.

Peugeot 205 T16 rally car

Ari Vatanen, the 1981 World Champion, negotiates his Peugeot 205 around an icy bend at the International Swedish Rally, the second round of the 1985 World Rally Championship. The Finn would win the event by less than two minutes from Swede Stig Blomqvist.

Audi Quattro: It could fly and spit fire! The golden ages of rally sports.

Audi Quattro: It could fly and spit fire! The golden ages of rally sports. Group B Rally. So fast they had to get rid of it.

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