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Stupid!!!! REPOST

Oh yes, giving clothing to the less fortunate is a terrible thing! ANY employee wouldn't be seen DEAD doing anything for charity! ( sorry if the sarcasm didn't come across). I hated Abercrombie anyways, cuz thier clothes are stupid.

Repin please

If you see or hear signs or symptoms of child abuse report it right away. Approximately 5 children die everyday form abuse. You never know if it will be too late. Do the right thing and stand up for these helpless victims.

Try not to cry

Try not to cry: Sad Stories, Sad Stuff, Repost, Sad Sweet, So Sad I halfway cried :'-((((

That's so sad.

So sad omg but think about how is tht child going to grow up knowing her mom died for her she is going to wonder were is my mommy thts so sad god will watch over the child>> rest in peace you kind women i hope your child is in good hands

Pin this on your most popular board and he will keep you safe! This cat could stop these stupid pins!←← Hmmm most popular board? I don't really have one, I guess :( Still, I need that immunity cat as my protecter - he is sooo cute n creepy!


Huehuehue you 'die' post's can't get me now, I have a magical unicorn.

I can read it! :D got a special brain(; jk

This message serves to prove how our minds can do amazing things! In the 17 was hard but now, on this line your mind is reading Be proud! Only certain people can read this. Please forward if can read this


To clarify, I mean a Nerf bullet, because if I have time to jump in front of you, then you have time to move.

Ain't tanking NO CHANCES

Holy fudge after I pined this I got a job taking care of my neighbors pets.

Comment when done!

I will for the next 5 people who COMMENT I will only do it if you comment, no reposts will get nicknames unless they COMMENT