holder for your charging cell phone, using an old lotion bottle. Keeps your phone and cords up off the floor.

This is something to try! It is a DIY cellphone charger thing. Super cool, Your phone wont get sat on, and adds some style! Made with a lotion bottle. (Who said this had to be for a college dorm room?

@Lindamade’s men’s ski hat published in Crochet Today!

Aspen Ski Hat - Keep him warm on the slopes with this mock Fair Isle cap. Each round is worked using only one color of yarn, with spike stitches adding interest to the stripes. FREE PATTERN at Crochet Today

Drill holes into a fence and fill them with marbles.

Drill holes in your fence and insert marbles! So neat! Wow, drill holes in your fence and insert marbles! So neat! Bring happy to everyone who passes by. a smile guaranteed. By: Homestead Survival

Home made flash grenade!

It's a flash grenade made from a disposable camera circuit and a part of a pringles can.

Plug Your Keys into the Wall with a Homemade Ethernet Keychain and Wall Dock http://m.lifehacker.com/5833426/plug-your-keys-into-the-wall-with-a-homemade-rj+45-keychain-and-wall-dock

Thi geeky Ethernet keychain rack could be the perfect solution to keep your keys hand, especially if you have a few unwanted old Ethernet sockets just sitting around, gathering dust

five pillow cases sewn together, insert pillows

$324 Mudroom

Make a body pillow/ sleeping bag with 5 pillow cases. Everyone has at least 5 pillow cases in their linen closet.