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Giorgio Pignotti; Oil, Painting; Paintbrush marks are fully visible and yet the image appears totally real.

red-lipstick: Giorgio Pignotti (b. Ascoli Piceno, Italy) - from Transition series, 2012 Paintings: Oil on Canvas

Old hands. Extremely wrinkled. Discoloration of skin in darker shades like they have been worked for a long time. Could also be dirt. Dirt in the nail beds.

Extremely wrinkled hands belonging to someone who is either extremely old or has not aged well

Neva Hosking

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This links to the theme because it shows the young and the old from the past and present

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The confusion of the mans mind links to disorder as it looks like his mind is disappearing

Teen Depression, by Robert Carter I love the imagery behind this image, the idea that when suffering with depression the mind of the person is bresking into fractures.