Chiharu Shiota | Stairway

Detail, 'Stairway' by Japanese-born, Berlin-based artist Chiharu Shiota. solo exhibition installation at Kunsthalle zu Kiel. The artist wove an immense amount of yarn into a cocoon-like environment. via design boom

facets, line work, drawing workshop

{{shame I don't know the artist, but I enjoy these types of artworks a lo,t because I see them as relating to nature, the solar system, everything connects and it's messy but extremely beautiful (gab) }}:


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Rebecca Horn: Handschuhfinger, 1972 (Finger Gloves) "Most people live in a little prison in their minds." (R.Horn, 2005)

Rebecca Horn, Finger Gloves, 1972 "Ideas of touch and sensory awareness are explored in this work.

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