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My Effin’ Life
“My Effin’ Life” is an honest and hilarious journey through the ups and downs of life. Written in a relatable and witty style, the book takes you on a journey of self-discovery and exploration, with plenty of laughter along the way. A must-read for anyone looking for an entertaining and thought-provoking
Poverty, by America
“Poverty, by America” is an eye-opening and thought-provoking read, exploring the causes and effects of poverty in the United States. Through a combination of personal stories, research, and analysis, the authors provide an in-depth look at the complex issues of poverty and its impact on individuals, families, and communities. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of poverty and its effects on society
The Simple Path to Wealth: Your road map to financial independence and a rich, free life
"The Simple Path to Wealth: Your Road Map to Financial Independence and a Rich, Free Life" is a bestselling book that offers a clear and practical guide to achieving financial independence. Authored by a seasoned financial advisor, this book presents a straightforward approach to building wealth and securing a prosperous future. It covers essential topics such as investing, saving, and managing money wisely
The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory: American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism (Hardback)
Tim Alberta’s “The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory” examines the role of American evangelicals in contemporary politics, exploring their influence and the complexities of their relationship with power and extremism