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Length of soft organic cloth woven in subtle hedgerow colours in a poppyseed head design British, Ideas, Crafts, Organic Cotton Fabric, Organic Cotton, Textiles, Cotton Fabric, Woven, Cotton
Botanicals Cloth - The British Craft House
Blog post handwoven starry nights magical constellations gifts and festive decorations Home, Home Décor, Décor, Hand Woven Textiles, Starry Nights, Starry, Heritage Crafts
Starry Nights Constellations Magical Gifts
a close up of a pillow with a quote on it
The Earl’s Canvas - The British Craft House
Handwoven Coastal cloth for lighting from Textile Artist Sarah at Godrevy Textiles read the blog
Textile Artist Handwoven Coastal Cloth Blog
Learn more about the work of Sarah the Textile Artist behind Godrevy Textiles. What was the inspiration behind her latest piece of handwoven cloth depicting shoals of fish. See the development of fantastic lighting options for your coastal homes.
Small Business Sunday Theo Paphitis Winner Dragons' Den, News Blog, Maker Business, Starting A Business, Business Awards, Business, Blog
Winning a Small Business Sunday Award from Theo Paphitis - My Story - The British Craft House
Handwoven artisan textiles for the home table runner and console table cloth Design, Home Crafts, Table Runners, Table Cloth, Contemporary Rug, Artisan Textiles
Handwoven Table Runner in Custom Colourway
Read about the process and construction behind this beautiful handwoven piece of home decor. Artisan textiles for your home in your choice of colourway. A table runner and console table cloth in a geometric design. Made and finished entirely by hand for an heirloom to be treasured. Find my work in my The British Craft House Shop.
Link to blog post giving more information about a silk merino artisan woven gift collection Valentine's Day, Gifts, Artisan Gift, Gift Collections, Jewelry Pouch, Hand Weaving, Lavender Bags, Mother’s Day
Valentines Mother’s Day Artisan Gifts Blog
Read more about my latest Artisan Handwoven Gift Collection in my blog on The British Craft House. Woven from tactile soft merino silk in rich purple and pale violet there are some stunning bespoke pieces of textile art. Suitable for Valentines Day, Mother’s Day and special birthdays. Beautiful jewellery pouches, lavender bag hearts, aromatherapy meditation eye pillows and luxury sleep masks. Created using reclaimed silk from a vintage kimono I hope you find it interesting reading about these
the logo for small business saturday
404 | The British Craft House
What Small Business Saturday means to Handmade Businesses - The British Craft House
Collage of autumn handwoven home decor and gifts Handwoven Fabric, Linen
Autumn Collection of Handwoven Home Decor and Gifts
two women sitting on a stone bench next to each other with a dog leash in front of them
404 | The British Craft House
Godrevy Textiles handwoven textiles for your home & person
Weaving loom in progress for a mindful activity supporting World Mental Health Day Mindful
World Mental Health Day 2021
Weaving is a very mindful process. Creating slow handwoven textiles in a methodical and rhythmic way. It gives the brain a chance to engage with an absorbing activity and lessens anxiety. If you would like to find out more about how weaving influences my life you may like to look at my blog.
Handwoven Christmas stocking in green a gold with tree motifs and handmade lace trim Christmas, Christmas Candle, Christmas Candles, Christmas Stockings, Christmas Gifts, Christmas Gift Box, Holiday Decor, Handmade Stocking, Three Wise Men
Dickens Christmas Collection
Time was with most of us, when Christmas Day, encircling all our limited world like a magic ring, left nothing out for us to miss or seek; bound together all our home enjoyments affections, and hopes; grouped everything and everyone round the Christmas fire, and make the little picture shining in our bright young eyes…
two towels hanging on a clothes line outside
404 | The British Craft House
Godrevy Textiles handwoven textiles for your home & person
four cards with different designs on them are sitting on a blue bench and one has a white card in the middle
404 | The British Craft House
Include a Handwoven Gift Card - The British Craft House
Handwoven baby blanket in seagreen and blue Sewing, Inspiration, The Ocean, The Seaside
The Seaside One! - The British Craft House
Blog about the inspiration behind the ocean colours handwoven fabric