Pallet staircase.

There's nothing quite like these DIY wooden pallet stairs. So many ways to use wooden pallets in artistic ways! The upright garden and the stairs are two favourites of mine.

Australia’s greenest skyscraper has a highly energy-efficient glass skin

1 Bligh Street in Sydney, Australia. Designed by Ingenhoven architects (German firm) and Architects. Has highly energy efficient glass skin.

The bubble filled cube is fluid, formless and flexible and designed to promote movement and interaction. Outfitted with a slew of sustainable building strategies, like daylighting, renewable energy, water recycling, and natural ventilation, the art museum seeks to minimize energy and maximize resource use. This proposal was awarded an honorable mention out of 500 entries in the international design competition.

Taiwan City Art Museum Proposal by James Law Cybertecture: The bubble filled cube is 11 stories high, 77 meters in width, length and height. Links to article with amazing interior images.

It’s no wonder that the judges of the Building to Building Pedestrian Bridge International Challenge awarded this mind-blowing, shape-shifting helix bridge by Sanzpont first place.Featuring a tensile fabric that allows the bridge to move as visitors walk across it, it also captures energy from the sun. If that’s not enough goodness for our strictest technophiles, check this out: the bridge also lights up at night with linear LED technology, and purifies the air in its immediate environment.

Image 6 of 12 from gallery of Winner of the Building to Building Pedestrian Bridge Challenge / sanzpont [arquitectura]. DSSH Bridge by sanzpont [arquitectura]

The Centro Abierto de Actividades Ciudadanas project in Spain is an installation of multi-coloured sunshades in the 128,000 square foot space near the central railway station. Shade during the day, light at night, and drainage during rain.

Centro Abierto de Actividades Ciudadanas, Córdoba, Spain - ParedesPino Studio - A large square that hosts public events including a twice-weekly market has been transformed into a kind of architectural array of water lilies.

MVRDV's Water Cube Pavilion is designed to draw awareness to the plight of world oceans    Read more: MVRDV’s Dramatic Glass Cube Pavilion Will Raise Ocean Awareness at the 2012 World Expo MVRDV Water Cube Pavilion – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

MVRDV: water cube proposal for thematic pavilion, yeosu expo 2012

Spiral Garden Museum

focusing on the circulation of the people as the starting point of the design, the proposal utilizes a spiralling form that is outfitted with a continuous outdoor garden walkway.

An example of what can be done with solar powered glass

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Reversible OLED Building Tiles Collect & Light Up Cities With Solar Power (Video) : TreeHugger