Bonfire Night childhood memories of jacket potatoes, sausages and hot chocolate around the bonfire whilst watching fireworks.

Fireworks (iii)

Standard fireworks, 1973 - memories of waiting for my dad to get home from work so he could set the fireworks off. He once lit a rocket that went up - hit a tree branch and came straight back down - narrowly missing his head.


Can You Guess What This Fireworks Display Is Called?

This mini-lesson will make you sound like a fireworks pro.

What happens when you accidentally shoot fireworks into a box of fireworks... - Imgur

Guess which one accidentally set the fireworks on fire - funny, guess, accidentally, fireworks, fire.

I don't know what I'd do with this, but it's cool.

WOODEN BOX for Fireworks Firecracker Box

Old shipping box for fireworks before they became illegal.

Tracer Fire (full case 16/1)

Tracer Fire (full case 16/1)

Great Expectation (full case 24/1)

Great Expectation (full case 24/1)