GIOVANNI ANSELMO : granite laitue fil de cuivre

Giovanni Anselmo, "Senza titolo," "Two blocks of granite and a head of lettuce pressed between them.the stability of the piece rests on the transient head of lettuce and as it wilts, the structure falls apart.

- Tension and Torsion: Tension can be used to stretch or bend an object, while torsion creates a twisting movement. Either can assist physical and cerebral strength to a sculpture. Piccola Torsione by Giovanni Anselmo tension sculpture

Arte Povera: The Great Awakening at Kunstmuseum

Giovanni Anselmo, Torsione, L’œuvre réunit deux matériaux aux énergies et…

Giovanni Anselmo, Torsione

Giovanni Anselmo, Torsione

Giovanni Anselmo

Giovanni Anselmo's "Invisibile", projected onto my hand at the Hirschhorn, September

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