On three consecutive Saturdays in August, nearly seven miles of New York City’s streets are opened to the public to play, run, walk and bike. Summer Streets is an annual celebration of New York City's most valuable public space—our streets. Summer Streets provides space for healthy recreation and encourages New Yorkers to use more sustainable forms of transportation. In 2014, more than 300,000 people took advantage of the open streets.

Summer Streets in NYC - an event held over 3 weekends where they close the streets and encourage walking and exploring. a water slide, zip line, etc.

Aram Bartholl, DeadDrops, since 2010, public intervention  ‘DeadDrops’ allows an offline data exchange and works as peer-to-peer network in public space. USB flash drives are embedded into walls or other places accessable to anybody in public space.

Across New York, there are USB drives embedded in walls, buildings and curbs. The idea is to create an anonymous, offline file-sharing network in public space. It's part of an art project called "Dead Drops" by Aram Bartholl

RedBall : Abu Dhabi by Kurt Perschke. The first public intervention piece to take place throughout the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the RedBall Project took place over 30 days this winter. With installations ranging from The Sheikh Zayed Bridge by Zaha Hadid to the Empty Quarter of the Western Region it was the most wide ranging project to date and the first in the Middle East. Tony Gaddis of Fountain Studio was on location for the entire time and created a unique look into place and culture.

The first public intervention piece to take place throughout the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the RedBall Project took place over 30 days this winter. With installations…

Luz Interruptus dressed an army of street bollards in downtown Madrid with "bicycle" hats and lights in order to encourage people to take up cycling. Aiming their nighttime guerrilla art intervention at users of public transportation, who are facing fees that have sometimes doubled in recent months, the designers also hope to influence a healthier move away from environmental pollution with their installation called "Bicycles Seeking Owners."

An Army of Pseudo Bikes Illuminates the Streets of Madrid

Luz Interrupts designed Bicycles Seeking Owners in order to encourage more widespread uptake of urban cycling

ALISA ANDRASEK AND JOSE SANCHEZ  WWW.BLOOM-THEGAME.CO.UK Bloom: Distributed Urban Game is an innovative urban intervention that engages people in social play and the culture of design. Conceptualised as an urban toy, it seeks to engage people in order to construct open-ended design formations using Bloom building cells.

BLOOM, an urban toy consisting of thousands of identical little pieces specially designed to be built into a huge, fractal, flower-like bloom. Call it urban gardening—without all the dirt.

Mobile Urban Square - Progetto Leonia

Mobile Urban Square - Progetto Leonia

"A very crowded area at night time when the atmosphere is great... we installed 80 male urine containers, the ones used in hospitals. Inside we poured yellow water and, what else but our lights." "...during the day and at night time people urinate anywhere in the streets without any embarrassment. Through our installation, we have tried to attract attention -in a comical manner- about the problem we encounter when walking in centric streets and squares."

'public toilets' was an intervention consisting of 80 male urine containers - ones used in hospitals - that luzinterruptus installed along san ildefonso square and surrounding side streets in madrid, spain.