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Railroaded: 9 Nifty Abandoned Train Car Graveyards

Where do obsolete trains go when they die? Many end up in railroad graveyards where these former station-stopping locomotives stay stopped and stationary.

Young train spotter at station with the ghost train in background | Science Museum Group Collection

Stored diesel locomotives in Hinksey... © Roger Templeman

In the photo are Class 97/2 number 97202 (formerly 25131), Class 40 number 40046, Class 25 numbers 25234, 25123, 25133, 25144, 25075 and 25027

16/04/1982 - Inverness (IS) TMD, Scotland. | by 53A Models

16/04/1982 - Inverness (IS) TMD, Scotland.

Best viewed 'Original' size. 26042 stabled at Inverness (IS) TMD - 16/04/1982. Note twin sealed-beam headlights for greater visibility on 'Far North' line to Wick/Thurso. © 2014 - 53A Models of Hull Collection. Scanned from the original 35mm colour negative; photographed by John Turner. - - - - - -

HS4000 Kestrel at Newcastle Central, 1969

HS4000 KESTREL Newcastle Central Stn. 20.10.69

HS4000 is on the 17.00 flyer to Kings Cross. The 25 is on the E.C.S. of the 17.05 stopper to Kings X. The 03 is taking a break.

Behold the Rusting Beauty of Abandoned Train Graveyards

Retired from the tracks, many old trains find themselves in glorious graveyards, filled with car upon rusted car. Photos of these scrapyards let us witness the magnificent decay of these mighty vehicles.

D815 at St Philips Marsh_MSS0331_100172

Hydraulic graveyard at St Philips Marsh, Bristol, on 10th January 1972. D815 'Druid' heads a line of withdrawn locomotives, made up of 9 'Warship' Type 4's and 3 North British Type 2's, making their last journey to Swindon Works for scrapping. Did you ever see a more depressing sight?

20189 and 20205 in Birmingham, 2016 - Robert C Jones

Blog: What's New - Bluebell Railway in Sussex

20189 and 20205 in Birmingham, 2016 - Robert C Jones

(HD) Class 37 Thrash 2

(HD) Class 37 Thrash 2

A follow up to Class 37 "Thrash", here's part 2 featuring up to thirty class 37s from the class 37/0, 37/4, 37/5, 37/6 and 37/7 subclasses.Check out part 1 @...

56034, 56025 and 56022 Knottingley Depot on 17th May 1981. 56034 was built at Doncaster Works and delivered on 25th Aug 1977. Named 'Castell Ogwr/Ogmore Castle' on 31st May 1985. Withdrawn on 30th June 2005 and cut up at CF Booth's, Rotherham on 30th Nov 2007.

56034, 56025 and 56022 Knottingley Depot

The usual weekend line up of coal dusted grids at KY in 1981.