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Praying for strength - creative prayer

Flame: Creative Children's Ministry: Praying for strength and help when we can't do it by ourselves

The life Jesus led, leads us back into reality, challenge and risk. It would be easier to stay huddled together in a warm room, wondering and disengaged, but let your heart melt for others. Take a piece of ice and hold it long enough in your hand to feel it dissolve, as a reminder of those areas in your life where hardness keeps you from sharing Jesus’ presence with others, pain makes you lose hope and coldness makes it hard to share God’s love with others. As it melts away, as your heart…

Interactive Prayer Stations - Easter & Empty Tomb could work for Good Friday service. Cool ideas for interactive stations using the 5 senses.

Healing Cross   bac0fe4df301bbbd0abfad2e3f6643c9 Have your students think of people or things in their lives that need healing and then have them write about it on a bandage and then have them stick in on the cross.   God is the ultimate healer, he was even able to over come death on the cross.

The band-aid prayers on the cross represent our own human brokenness and the presence of God in the midst of suffering. Great Easter project for Sunday School, junior church, or just with your own kiddos!

Prayer Net poster

A creative and tactile way for all ages to pray, creating a piece of art woven with prayers. Instructions and tips for making a prayer net.