Adult Swim Pageant of the Cosmos at Bonnaroo by Joseph Veazey, via Behance

Poster/identity for the Adult Swim “Pageant of the Cosmos” at Bonnaroo. The Pageant consisted of several space-themed carnival g.

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In the image above, the typography used is a display font. The words being used blend into the design of the image to add a graphic design effect. The words are bolding out enough for them to be legible. -modern take on historical style-

Koloman Moser

art-and-fury: Early Spring (for a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke) - Koloman Moser illustration from Ver Sacrum, 1901

drawings (!?) by marsi van de heuvel

Work of South African artist Marsi van de Heuvel. Drawings created with fineliner pens. FINELINER PENS, colorful, botanical lines.