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PUCCI - Harper's Bazaar UK - 'Limited Edition for the V&A' - vintage Emilio Pucci print. 'The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945 - April


harper's bazaar, emilio pucci april 2014 cover: limited edition for the victoria & albert museum exhibit.

重庆房地产广告精选的照片 - 微相册:

重庆房地产广告精选的照片 - 微相册 I like the texture and the monochrome with hints of colour. And the delicateness of the painting.


Oslo Design Fair is Norway's largest and longest running trade fair. This autumns theme, Togetherness, speaks of closeness and warmth, and the design for the exhibition is based on the dynamic identity developed for Oslo Design Fair.

Arte por Willian Santiago . ilustração/Barbada

BARBADA is an event that happens in Brazil. It's focused on contemporary music and features performances by local and national bands and DJs. Both the event and the design of the posters intend to carry the rich brazilian culture.

citizen cosmos // I love the simplistic layout of this poster. It is a big contrast between the bright red and the stark white space which draws the eye in then directs it to the information below. Then you read the up-down-left-right style of information to secure and last questions about the poster.

Graphics we like / Sausage / Poster / Sweden / Minimal / at fiona.

Rita Goulao | Freelance Wisdom

Rita Goulão

LOVE this vibrant poster design by this weeks interviewee we found Min when she applied to our and loved her work so much we reached out to feature her! Have you applied yet?