Annabella (Italy) August 1972  Photo Willy Rizzo  70s bohemian beach style

Stella and Germana Carnacina in flower print summer dresses and straw hats, photo Willy Rizzo, Annabella (Italy) August 1972

Our favorite accessories, fresh off the streets of DC

Street Style Jewelry - Jewelry Styling Ideas

pamela love empire wing ring

Bronze empire wing ring features small turquoise studs at top Bronze base metal with turquoise detail

What could be easier than a stylish summer caftan?

Caftan Dress Styles - Flowy Summer 2013

cuffs cuffs cuffs

The amazing pentagram cuff now in SILVER. Measures 6 in the length and the opening is approximately Can be worn close to and looser at the wrist or pushed up closer to the elbow. Hand made in New York by Pamela Love.

70s in NYC

Garth Avery, Jodie Foster & Robert De Niro on the set of Taxi Driver, 1976