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uhh the three things i crave the most. maybe i'll be able to make it through lent with these swaps

Great way to replace snack attack cravings without the priding yourself nor ruining your entire way of eating healthy

Eat what you really crave not what you think you crave.

Food Cravings Chart - If you crave this. And hear are healthy foods that have it:

5 Simple & Healthy Ways to Loose Weight in 30 Days

Do not drink regular or diet soda, or Fruit Drinks for 30 days All soda and fruit drinks carry enormous amounts of sugar that convert quickly to fat. The average American drinks 53 gallons of s.

How to Breathe When Running Very Interesting :) Good tips!

How to Breathe When Running Very Interesting 🙂 Good tips! How to Breathe When Running Very Interesting 🙂 Good tips!

so great!

This list has snacks that my kids and I will actually eat! I'm printing this and hanging it on my fridge! 88 Unexpected Snacks Under 100 Calories

for all the beauty junkies out there...a guide to perfect portions using your favorite products! genius.

Vegetables = 1 cup (cooked), 1 ½ cups (raw) = Loofah Fruit = 1 cup = 2 Beauty Blenders Meat & Fish = 3 ounces = Eyeshadow Compact Whole Grains = ½ cup = Compact Cheese = 1 ounce = 1 Eyeshadow Oils & Fats = 1 tablespoon = 1 Mini Bottle of Nail Polish

Slim Tip: How to Sleep Your Way to Skinny {so interesting}

How to lose weight fast and healthy! Your children and grandchildren need you to be there for them in years to come. healthy and active! Lose weight FAST with the Military Diet

"Handy" serving size chart

Step Know your stuff. You need to know your portion sizes, how many calories to eat in a day, the best kinds of foods to eat, and how much your work out/exercise is working off. Keeping a food journal is key, once you know what you eat you can plan it

Food Combinations and Choices

Want to know the best diet foods and proper food combining? Look over this simple chart and find one thing you can do to improve it.