Photography: Portraiture

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from Africa

West African Societies Beautiful Photography by John Kenny taken with Africa's remotest tribes. Fine art prints in black and white, also colour, are available to buy in signed, limited editions. Facing Africa: the book is out now


An intense encounter at Nadoba Young Tamberma man from Togo with heavy facial scars and an intense look

Lara Jade

Love the hair across the face and the freckles on her shoulders.

Jeremy Cowart

Portfolio of Jeremy Cowart Photography - Jeremy loves to make an art and he is a creator of art and crock pot of ideas.

Alina Shamalova

alternative youth culture pics - Yougo Jeberg's photography portrays an anti-mainstream ethos that is typical of urban alternative youth culture.

Michal Fanta

I found myself in a low light situation so I put 400 ASA black and white film into my and decided to push it to 3200 ASA hence the beautiful grain.

Brian Duffy

THE work of the late legendary Sixties photographer Brian Duffy is now on display, with a new exhibition held at the Idea Generation Gallery. Alongside David Bailey and Terence Bailey, Duffy formed part of what was called the Black Trinity - a trio of pho

Alina Shamalova

Expressive Youth Photography - Alina Shamalova Captures the Emotions of Young Models (GALLERY)