Really good Early Years Number activity which even the boys love.

Match sets by matching the numbered key to the lock with the correct number of dots on it. GREAT for fine motor skills and very motivational! Or by padlock in the numicon tile.

Our finger gym activity this week :)

To make easier, you could use bigger cups (for a bigger target). You could also use a bigger spoon (and don't put a lot of the filling on the spoon so it's easier to not spill).

Finger gym

Thread objects onto wooden sticks, skewers, or straws. Children loved doing this with Cheerios!

Fine motor sticky dot fun... from Rachel (",)

Dots, Spots & Circles

This wasn't for halloween, but I bet after you pull out all the tees the light show with a candle inside would be awesome!

Exploring the Outdoor Classroom: Pumpkins and Golf Tees.we did this all the time in my preschool. Great hand eye coordination and fine motor development. (autumn activities for kids preschool)

Finger Gym in my FS2 class

amount and number match Activity will develop physical - fine motor skills Cognitive- brain and numbers