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First of all, why are you not obsessed with this book? Do not question me. Reevaluate your life please and thank you.

Truth... Edward is in a better place now! Hr was killed in the riot outside of the Erudite compound!

So true I asked my divergent less friend "what she thinks when someone mentions Edward?" and she said "twilight" and I was like "and what do you think when someone says butter knives?" and she says "ummm butter I guess" I just about died!

SHEO IT'S HAPPENING. IT MUST BE REAL. ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~

I'm starting to ship Sheo but I also remember that they're real people and probably get annoyed when people ship them

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Fourtris~ Divergent

Tris's heart starts to race when she sees four. "Something about him (Four) makes me feel like I am about to fall. Or turn to liquid. or burst into flames.

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[Allegiant Spoiler] i'm not crying or anything.after reading that part I thought "So do we call him Three now or what?" Or should he be two because Marcus doesnt scare him

"How I see things" The Hunger Games } Divergent} TFIOS} The Mortal Instruments}

"How I see things." Hunger Games ~ Divergent ~ The Fault in Our Stars ~ The Mortal Instruments <--- The last eye is how I see everything.