Gardens Inspired: Grow Money Plants/ My Mom loved growing these, they were beautiful in flower arrangements!

Eerie Black 'Honesty' Seedpods - Money Plant- looks like where all the holes in nylons went.


DIY frozen lantern although these are pretty for winter it seems like alot of work, i think i can do it using clear glass vases from dollar tree, and paper doilies and modge podge

Patterns in Nature ~ Dragon Fly Wing

Fragile Beauty - dragonfly wing close up - delicate nature; natural surface pattern inspiration, beauty and photography, nature, schoonheid en natuur

Leaf skeleton

black and white leaves as aesthetic for website

skeleton leaf bowl

Drape freshly decoupaged leaves over an upside down bowl and let dry. Remove the leaves for the bowl and Voila! Use as a votive holder, shade for string lights or use many for a beautiful fall mobile!