how to stencil / paint fabric

Martha Stewart Crafts Decorative Paint Line

Paint Fabric - Stenciled Pillows {tutorial} -- New Martha Stewart Decorative Paint Line!

lots of homemade stamp ideas

homemade stamp ideas---perfect for creative gift wrap There's a really cool tutorial on making different kinds of stamps.

Nice pattern

Black and white line drawing. would be cool to have some city art at each conference


PATTERN STAMP using leftover scraps and cutoffs from handmade stamps (foam, eraser.

Marimekko Vatruska White/Black Fabric Repeat Various fruits adorn the Marimekko Vatruska Black/White Fabric on this playful yet refined print. Designer Aino-Maija Metsola also included an onion as an unexpected exception. Marimekko has a knack fo.


White Bear Original watercolor painting Animal by FrancinaMaria Painting Winterrain 2 - Original Watercolor Painting ~ Catherina painting on.

Nejat Sati

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Wonder why the spices shelf in my kitchen doesn't have a little jar of cosmic bubbles in rainbow. Illustration by Ana Montiel.


Love this pattern! Awesome watercolor for the background (I guess it's the way of painting that caught my eyes here.

Essimar Papel

Pretty valentine cards by Essimar , and if you're in Chicago you can meet up with the artist Esther the and at Renegade Handmade.