How our granddaughter brought us all together.

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Grandkids, obesity and one too many biscuits

Sugar is added to many processed foods, and children are increasingly addicted to the sweet stuff. Many children are more sensitive than adults to the.

What would your granddaughters tell you if you were to ask them what influence you'd had on their lives?

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Is there an afterlife?

Is there an afterlife?

My birth certificate is a lie

Shortlisted for a Costa prize, The Good Guy uses fiction to explore the author’s hidden roots as a child adopted in the

A bereavement without a death

Great-grandmother and granddaughter standing in flower field in sunlight

Letter to Holly - one grandmother's heart-felt letter to her estranged granddaughter.

Letter to Holly - one grandmother's heart-felt letter to her estranged granddaughter.

Would you take an adult gap year?

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Did you give up your career for love?

Joanna Lumley's new India travel series starts tonight. Planning your own trip to India? These activities are guaranteed to get you to the heart of one the world's most exotic countries

Why it's never too late to change.

Why it's never too late to change.

Our favourite authors share their royal recollections

As the Queen gears up to officially celebrate her birthday, some of our favourite authors from Mills & Boon share their most treasured royal recollections from over the years.