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˚°◦ღ...Now there's a NEW word!

I've been called a cunt so many times by the same person and I'm just going to embrace my cuntiness.

My next tattoo! I'm getting this on my belly to go along with my new splenectomy scar!

I like this quote but id prolly end up doing a quote from the Papa Roach song 'Scars' instead. And, I've come to be made up of scars and flaws over the last few years (physical and emotional), and it's hard to accept, but that is who I am.

Fish hook heart tattoo. | Tattoos | Pinterest | Heart Tattoos Hooks ...

fish hook heart tattoo- this is perfect cause i love Fishing with the People that i Love very Much :)

Dad memorial tattoo

Memorial tattoos are designs that are borne with an intention of paying tribute to your loved ones who are deceased and have a special part in your life. They can either be your spouse, child…