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Decorative gravel chipping can be used to easily transform your garden into a beautiful landscape

This video offers great tips on how to lay gravel in your landscape!

How to Lay Out Gravel Landscaping : Landscaping Basics

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Install "chipped" gravel and irregular flagstone in areas where grass won't grow.

10 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Garden Ideas | Arbor Green Landscapes

In narrow side yards where grass isn’t successful, remove all growth and install loose “chipped” gravel over a base of landscape fabric to prevent weed intrusion. Create an edge between the…

Chip and Seal - asphalt base, add layer of liquified tar topped with a layer of embedded crushed pea stones. No scatter.

Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC

Chip and Seal - asphalt base, add layer of liquified tar topped with a layer of embedded crushed pea stones. No scatter.

White Spar Decorative Stone,

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Create your perfect outdoor space with stone, gravel & chippings, ideal for all sizes and styles of garden. Shop our excellent outdoor & garden range at B&Q.

Quartz Pea Gravel 10mm- Perfect for bringing any garden to life

Quartz Pea Gravel 10mm

Quartz Pea Gravel 10mm. A traditional stone that looks perfect on pathways and for decorative garden use.

Quartz Gravel 20mm- Offers a wonderful natural brown colour

Quartz Pea Gravel 20mm

Quartz Pea Gravel 20mm. Choose this gravel if you want to create a natural looking landscape. The brown and stone colours will complement any current design.

Flamingo Gravel 20mm- Offers a beautiful rose pink design. Ideal for any garden landscape

Flamenco Gravel 20mm

Flamenco Gravel 20mm. Flamenco gravel is a durable and modern mix of stunning colours including pinks, greys and white.

Cotswold Chipping 20mm- Crisp angular stone ideal for brightening up your garden

Cotswold Chippings 20mm

Cotswold Chippings 20mm. Cotswold chippings are extremely popular due to the contemporary cream colour and variety of ideal uses.

Moonstone Gravel 20mm- This gravel is perfect for creating a stylish, contemporary look

Moonstone 20mm

Moonstone 20mm. Moonstone is a charming mix of dark browns, black and white chippings and is a firm favourite of ours!

Golden Gravel 10mm- Multi Coloured gravel, perfect for blending into any garden environment

Golden Gravel 10mm

Golden Gravel 10mm. A beautiful mix of gold and brown shades that will transform your outdoor space.

Yorkshire Cream Gravel 20mm- Mixture of beautiful cream, golden and brown gravel

Yorkshire Cream 20mm

Yorkshire Cream 20mm. This cream and light brown coloured stone is often referred to as 'Yorkshire Flint' or 'Cotters Gold' and is perfect for driveways and pathways.