1984 - Great cover for this book! (Had to read it in high school....would have…

1984 - Great cover for this book! (Had to read it in high school.would have enjoyed it more, if the one I read had this great design for the cover!

book cover

“Modern Houses of the World” cover design by Arthur Lockwood. It is based on house in Jacksonville, Florida designed by Paul Rudolph.

Shape and Flow- The Fluid Dynamics of Drag by Ascher H. Shapiro, Cover design by Robert Flynn. Doubleday Anchor via cyberpainter

Dracula | cover design Megan Wilson

Dracula by Bram Stoker. Painting by Lord Leighton. Cover by Megan Wilson.

Cover Story: The Night Ocean by Paul La Farge

Book Nerd Spotlight From the award-winning author and New Yorker contributor, a riveting novel about secrets and scandals, psychiatr.

©1976 / Design: Lawrence Ratzkin

/ Design: Lawrence Ratzkin Original Jules Verne Book book cover by Joe Del Gaudio Book cov.

Jan Tschichold's mock-up for the Penguin re-design

“Experimental layout by Jan Tschichold, 1948 (assisted by Erik Ellegaard Frederiksen).” From Phil Baines, The Penguin Book: A Cover Story, (London: Allen Lane,