Japanese imported 55% linen/ 45% cotton Echino fabric designed by Etsuko Furuya for Kokka Fabrics.

Landscape in purple (half metre)

Abstract geometric pattern art Japanese imported linen/ cotton Echino fabric designed by Etsuko Furuya for Kokka Fabrics.

GOOD — Campus Profiling - McQuade

GOOD MagazineOpener illustration and turn-page illustration for an artice about a sneaky political campaign to label Pro-Palestinians students on campus as Anit-Semitic.Art Direction — Tyler Hoehne Next



A large-scale, on-trend mural for Dropbox& Flatiron HQ, by New York graphic designers Aaron Robbs and Alex Proba, was inspired by the city& imperfections.

The New York Times — Who gets to write that - McQuade

The New York TimesOp& piece — Who gets to write what?Art Direction — Alexandra Zsigmond Next

Book Review — Satin Island - McQuade

Sequoia CapitalA series of photo illustrations done in collaboration with Instrument of the top tech entrepreneurs of our time for the launch of the new Sequoia Capital website. Creative Direction — Steve Denekas Next

Mas Context — issue 22 - McQuade

m-cquade: Mas Context I was asked by Thirst to contribute a design for the issue of Mas Context covering surveillance. I came up with this creep’n wallpaper to be used as the publications front and back inner cover pattern.

The New York Times — Electoral College - McQuade

The New YorkerPortrait of James O’Keefe III for an article about his amateur video spy work promoting his right wing agenda.Art Direction — Chris Curry Next

Book Review — Dark Money - McQuade

From street artist to editorial illustrator for top publications—McQuade talks shop.